‘Za Rodinu!’ in Brisbane

May 2016

Victory Day Celebration in Brisbane. “Za Rodinu!” at the Queensland Russian Community Centre (QRCC).

January 2016

Za Rodinu at the QRCC За Родину! в РОЦК

It has already been 6 months since the Australian group of historical reenactors “Za Rodinu!” (http://varangian.wix.com/za-rodinu#!about/c1c32) participated in the Brisbane exhibition “History Alive” and 3 participants of the group completed a 23-kilometer walk in Brisbane (http://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/russian/en/content/brisbane-reenacts-za-rodinu?language=en).

Прошло полгода с участия австралийской группы исторических реконструкторов «За Родину!» (http://varangian.wix.com/za-rodinu#!about/c1c32) в брисбенской выставке «Живая история» и двадцатикилометрового марша «красноармейцев» по Брисбену (http://www.unification.com.au/articles/read/2825/).

Since that time the organizers of the group have visited The 2015 Victory Show, which took place in England, and brought back a documentary called “Red Division” (2015). This film is about the “Second Guards Rifle Division”, an English World War II historical reenactment club (http://www.2ndguards.com/).

За это время организаторы группы побывали на реконструкции боевых действий Великой Отечественной войны в Англии и привезли документальный фильм «Красная дивизия» (2015) о своих коллегах, рекострукторах клуба «Вторая гвардейская стрелковая дивизия» (http://www.2ndguards.com/).

The Queensland Russian Community Centre (QRCC) is inviting to meet the group “Za Rodinu!” and to watch the documentary “Red Division” on Sunday, January 24th, at 12pm. Come along! Bring your children and invite your friends, or anybody you want to talk about the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945, in the USSR) and the significant role of the Soviet Army in the Second World War! It will be interesting for adults and children alike!

Русский общественный центр Квинсленда приглашает на показ фильма и встречу с участниками группы 24 января, в воскресенье, в 12.00. Приходите! Приводите детей, друзей и всех, кому хотите рассказать о роли Советской армии во Второй мировой войне! Будет интересно и взрослым, и детям!

Free entry.
Вход свободный.

The film teaser is available here:

Трейлер фильма можно посмотреть здесь:



June 2015

This weekend on the 6th and 7th of June a group ‘Za Rodinu!’ will have an exhibition at ‘History Alive’ event in Brisbane.

The group ‘Za Rodinu!’ re-enacts the WWII/Great Patriotic War Red Army – specifically Razvedchiki (elite scout and sniper units). They chose the name ‘Za Rodinu!’ (‘For Motherland!’) “as it symbolizes the strength and spirit that saw the Soviets – men & women – fight to the last bullet to save their motherland”.

Where: Fort Lytton National Park

When: 6 & 7 June, 2015. Exhibition of Red Army equipment is from 9.30am to 4.00pm (in the encampments). Re-enactment of Red Army tactics is at 12.00.

Za Rodinu 1

On the 4th of June 3 members of the group will be walking from Newmarket to Fort Lytton National Park – a distance of about 23 kilometres. They will be dressed in WWⅡ Soviet infantry uniform and will be carrying full packs including their rations, shelter and water for the weekend. The purpose of the walk is to raise awareness of the Great Patriotic War and the sacrifice made by the men and women of the Red Army.

‘Za Rodinu!’ has been going now for nearly 2 years and was started by Patrick Urquhart and Mika Graham in Brisbane. Mika and Patrick, as a mark of respect decided nearly 10 months ago to commence learning the Russian language.

“We found Olesya’s details on a business card at Russki Way Deli one day and now Olesya patiently teaches us this language every week. It has been challenging and difficult to learn but we hope to gain enough language skills to travel to Russia and take part in some of the large Great Patriotic War re-enactments there”.

Za Rodinu 2

Za Rodinu 3


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