Test – Испытание

Russian Film Festival 2014 «Russian Resurrection» (in Australia and the first time in New Zealand) is going very quiet in Brisbane.

Difficult time for Russia and anything Russian in the world? Too much of Russia in the news? G20?

One of my friends said, she prefers fun movies to sad Russian (Soviet) cinematography. Makes sense.

I like the slogan: “Live. Love. Laugh”. But It seems, my Russian soul still prefers a combination of entertainment and profound impression. And I went to the film “Test” (2014, Director Alexander Kott) to watch the life and love of ordinary people the days before the first nuclear bomb test in Semipalatinsk in 1949.

At all times, in all places and any political systems first of all I think about “small people”, whose lives and deaths are not so important for history. “Test” is about them.

The film does not have any words. You can watch it, even you do not know the language. For me, as a linguist, exploring the way of telling the story with no dialogues is almost the same thing as exploring another language. All words, sentences, dialogues are dropped and mean nothing. Only motion, emotions, sounds, eyes, and everything, what can happen before and after words.

Astonishing camera work! The nature, the sky, the sun and… the end…

Great job, guys! Thanks for amazing 95 minutes with no words in our life!

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