Russian language teacher and tutor in Brisbane (Australia)

Looking for an individual Russian language teacher or tutor in Brisbane?

Olesya Kharina - Russian Language Teacher in Brisbane

Want to learn Russian language with ease?

Interested in studying Russian with a professional and experienced teacher and prefer Russian lessons with a native speaker?

My name is Olesya and I am a qualified teacher of Russian as a foreign language.

I am from Moscow (Russia) and currently live in Brisbane (Australia).

I provide private Russian lessons to foreigners. I teach foreign students at any level. From beginner to advanced. I also prepare students for the TORFL (“Test of Russian as a Foreign Language”).

New Farm (Brisbane Area), QLD, Australia, 4005.

Cost (from the 15th of January 2021)

Individual Russian lessons (in New Farm, temporarily not available)

1 hour $50

1.5 hours $65

2 hours $80

1st lesson $25 per hour

Skype/Zoom individual Russian lessons (all over the world)

1 hour $45

1.5 hours $60

2 hours $75

Skype TORFL preparation

1 hour $50

1.5 hours $65

2 hours $80

1st lesson $25 per hour

Group Russian lessons (in New Farm, temporarily not available)

2-4 students

1.5 hours $50 per person

‘family deal’ (2-4 students)

1 hour $35 per person

1.5 hours $45 per person

Zoom Group Russian lessons

2-4 students

1.5 hours $45 per person

‘family deal’ (2-4 students)

1 hour $30 per person

1.5 hours $40 per person

And I am always happy to add 10 minutes to your session for free.

Dear students, please, read my CANCELLATION POLICY

Skype: lisenok-foxy

I occasionally attend Privet Brisbane Russian Language Club. Feel free to get in touch there.

You can find my profile on LinkedIn (Olesya Kharina) as well.

35 thoughts on “Russian language teacher and tutor in Brisbane (Australia)

  1. Strati Pantges

    I started studying Russian during a two year stint living and working in Moscow. After I returned home to Brisbane, I was keen to keep learning the language and set about finding a teacher. Needless to say, I was quite concerned that my progress would stall after moving away from Russia, and I was not confident that I would be able to find a teacher in Brisbane of the calibre I grown accustomed to in Moscow.

    I needn’t have worried. Olesya is a native Russian and an experienced and highly qualified teacher of the language. As ironic as it sounds, I consider the tuition provided by Olesya to be superior to that which I received in Russia. Her lessons are tailored to precisely meet the requirements of each student. Olesya does not work from any single textbook, but employs a proven method drawing upon a variety of materials to cover all aspects of the language, from grammar and pronunciation, to listening and comprehension, reading and writing, and of course, speaking.

    Olesya also possesses an exceptional temperament and endless patience. Her lessons are enjoyable and the results are tangible.

    I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Olesya to anyone wanting to take up this challenging but beautiful language.

  2. Albert

    I originally studied Russian with Olesya in Moscow, and we have since continued our lessons via Skype.

    I really enjoy my lessons with Olesya. Not only is she experienced and knowledgeable, she does a great job of catering the lesson to my personality and interests. She has a soft way of correcting my mistakes, so it’s easy to ask her questions. She’s always punctual and prepared for our lesson, yet flexible when necessary.

    Most of the material we cover in class is shared as PDF files, which I complete on my tablet and email back. She has a wealth of resources and helps me focus on a specific grammar topic, from verbs of motion to numbers to aspect. Whatever I’ve needed, she’s always been willing to help me.

    Overall, Olesya’s a pleasant person, and I’m happy to recommend her.

  3. Stephen

    Efficient and Effective teaching experience

    I am an English teacher living in Moscow. I studied with Oleysa before I left and I have learnt more from these lessons than any other learning experience. After each lesson I left having learnt something. When I returning to Australia I will continue lessons with Oleysa.
    I have had a few teachers, but none quite as good. Oleysa has an excellent knowledge of the teaching process and the structure of the lessons make it very easy to see your progress.

    I would recommend Oleysa for anyone wishing to learn Russian

  4. Maddie

    I first started learning Russian with Olesya 2 months ago as a complete beginner, and am enjoying my weekly lessons immensely. Olesya is an incredibly friendly and passionate teacher, and is very knowledgeable about the Russian language and culture – being a native Russian speaker herself. Her lessons are always well-prepared and tailored to my own interests and strengths in language learning, and I am very amazed by the progress I have made so far under her tuition.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Olesya, to anyone who is interested in learning the Russian language.

  5. Tom

    Privet Olesya,

    Im Tom and I’am interested in receiving some Russian. I would be at a beginner lever and really don’t know where to start.



  6. Stuart

    After studying Russian at university in both Brisbane and Moscow, I wanted to continue learning and improve my knowledge of the language and culture. I soon found that whilst it was easy to find teachers that offered Russian programs in Brisbane and online, it was very hard to find someone that was passionate, experienced and knowledgeable in teaching Russian as a foreign language. Until I came across Olesya…

    I have been studying with Olesya for approximately 18 months now and have improved a great deal in both fluency and knowledge and thoroughly enjoyed the process. Olesya is a dedicated teacher that provides material that relates to my individual interests and ensures my learning is tailored to me as an individual. She is always well prepared with an array of material which keeps me focused and engaged. I would highly recommend Olesya to any student looking to study Russian language and culture.

    Brisbane is very lucky to have Olesya teaching here and it is my honest opinion that she is one of the best Russian teachers you will ever have the pleasure learning from.

  7. Katie

    Olesya is a very personable and highly professional teacher. I would thoroughly recommend studying Russian with her. She is extremely knowledgeable, uses a broad range of materials and is always extremely well prepared for lessons. She tailors her teaching to your needs – whether that is in response to your suggestions or with something she thinks will help you – and always gives thoughtful, informed answers to questions. She is reliable, flexible and enthusiastic, and it’s a pleasure to learn from her whether that’s in person or over Skype if you are not in the same city. I feel very lucky to have found such a wonderful Russian teacher who delivers such high quality Russian teaching in Brisbane.

  8. Jan Myerscough

    Hello Olesya,

    I am travelling to Russia in June for a two week holiday and would like very much to be able to speak a little basic Russian before I go. Just the simple things to show every day courtesy as I go.

    Is this something you would be willing to help me with ?

    Regards, Jan
    07 38442216 0411222023

    1. Olesya Kharina Post author

      Hello Jan,
      Thanks for your interest in Russia and Russian language.
      I am so sorry, I missed your message. Unfortunately, I have not checked my web site for some months.
      I hope, you enjoyed your trip to Russia and had a chance to practice your Russian.

  9. Natalia

    Zdrastwujte Olesya,

    My name is Natalia and I am intersted with Russian lessons. I have question regarding to the teaching place. Is it at pupil or your house or maybe in the other place?
    Best regards,

    1. Olesya Kharina Post author

      Здравствуйте, Наталья!
      Thanks for your request.
      I teach my students at my place in Hawthorne (apartments).
      I am in Russia now and should be in Brisbane on August 4. I think, I will restart my Brisbane lessons from August 8.
      You can contact me via e-mail
      С уважением,

  10. Tim horrigan

    Hi , I was just wondering if there were any beginner classes starting soon , and if so I was also wondering if 34 years ol is to old to learn a new language

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Tim,

      34 years old is not too old to learn a new language, even Russian :-)

      At this stage, I do not have a group for beginners. All of them study individually now or in small family “groups”.

      Would you like to try your individual lesson or prefer to wait for a group?

      I will move to New Farms in a week. Would it be convenient for you?

      Thank you!

      Kind regards,

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Simon,
      Sorry for the late reply.
      I am glad, you are interested in Russian language. Are you a beginner?
      I teach my students at my place in New Farm (Brisbane) or via Skype.
      Would it be convenient for you?
      Could you send me an email, please, if you are still interested in Russian lessons.
      Thank you!
      Kind regards,

  11. Prasan

    I am interested in learning Russian . My lady is Ukrainian and I want to surprise her by learning Russian and speaking to her. I know few basic Russian and can read a little bit. I want to learn a bit so I can communicate with her family a bit. Can you please advise how I should go about. My mobile is 0479057287.

  12. Chris

    Hi and I’m planning to soon take the TORFL (B1). I’m not sure how to go about it in Australia. Appreciate your advice! Thanks so much.

  13. Jessica Hazlewood

    Hello Olesya, My husband and I hope to visit our daughter who is working in Russia. We are keen to learn some basic Russian phrases before we arrive. Do you have any vacancies for students? Thank you, Jessica Hazlewood

  14. Amy

    Good day Olesya,

    Just wondering do you still teach Russian private class in Brisbane…New Farm perhaps?

    I sent you an email about a week ago and have not heard you back.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,


    1. admin Post author

      Hi Amy,
      Thank you for the message!
      Sorry, I can not find your e-mail. Have you sent it to
      Yes, I still teach Russian in New Farm.
      Kind regsrds,

  15. Masha Jukes

    Hello, my nearly 6 year old daughter, Alexandra, is very interested in learning Russian and has asked if she can have some Russian lessons. My family came to Australia from Harbin in the 1950’s so I speak some Russian and have introduced her to a few phrases but she is keen to learn more!

    Regards Masha 0430992712

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Masha,
      Have you found a teacher for your daughter?
      Can my colleague Natasha help you?
      Kind regards,

  16. Dan

    Hi Olesya,
    I’m looking to book in some lessons and learn Russian as a second language!
    How can I go about booking in with you?

    Kind Regards,

  17. Jonah Herbst

    Hello Olesya

    I am interested in learning basic communication skills in the Russian language, if that is possible.

    Please advise on your availability for lessons on the following times (March onwards):
    Tuesday 4.00 pm onwards
    Thursday 3.00 pm onwards

    If these times and days are not suitable, please advise which days and times will be suitable. I am probably looking at a class per week.

    Kind regards


    1. admin Post author

      Hi Jonah,
      Sorry, I have just read this message. Thanks for your message via e-mail :-)
      See you later!
      Kind regards,

  18. alice ruzicka

    Hello Olesya, I’m searching for a tutor for 2hrs a week for a permanent basis, I am planning to do lots of travel in Russian speaking countries later on in the new year. how do I go about booking with you? 0415279689

  19. Rachel Lev

    I’ve been learning Russian on Skype with Olesya for more than 3 years. I always look forward to my lessons. Olesya is a highly qualified academic and a teacher with a deep knowledge of the Russian language. The reading materials Olesya uses are always relevant to the lesson. Her personal skills are excellent and she’s very patient. I feel I learn a lot at her lessons.

    1. admin Post author

      Спасибо большое!
      Мне тоже было очень приятно работать с Вами!
      Всего самого доброго!
      С уважением,


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