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Russian Language Teacher in Brisbane Olesya Kharina


My name is Olesya.

I am from Russia, but currently live in Brisbane (Australia) and help people from all over the world to study Russian language.

I am a teacher of Russian for foreigners. I can teach individual students, groups and implement the TORFL (“Test of Russian as a Foreign Language”).

After my graduation at Moscow State Teacher Training University (Degree in Teaching Russian Language and Literature) and post graduate courses (PhD, Philology) I taught Russian Phonetics and Sociolinguistics at my university.

I additionally completed the course of “Methods of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language” at Moscow State University and after that taught Russian to foreign students at Language Link in Moscow. I worked in the RLUS (Russian Language Undergraduate Studies) Program and also delivered lectures to students studying methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language at Moscow Institute of Open Education.

I have a certificate from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia which entitles the bearer to carry out testing of citizens of foreign countries in Russian “within the limits of the Russian state system of testing (elementary, basic, the 1st level of system)”. And I prepared students for the 1st and the 2nd levels.

My personal interest is in the area of research of the cultural and linguistic relationship. My focus is on F. Dostoevsky’s works. My master’s degree work and a PhD thesis incorporated a linguistic research of functions of words representing some key concepts of Russian culture in F. Dostoevsky’s novels.

My contacts
E-mail: hov@bk.ru
Skype: lisenok-foxy
You can find my profile on LinkedIn (Olesya Kharina) as well.

Testimonials from some of my students
Olesya Kharina referenceOlesya Kharina reference

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Enrique Fernandez Post author

    Enrique Fernandez
    Chief Commercial Officer at MVideo (Russia)

    Olesya has the best personal and professional skills to be an outstanding teacher of Russian for foreigners:
    – her know-how on teaching Russian for beginners: appropriated methodology, good timing, balanced homework, results oriented.
    – patience and tireless. She is able to repeat as many times as needed to achieve the results.
    – professional, punctual and well organized.
    I consider Olesya as the best profile in her profession. I strongly recommend her for any newcomer to the language of Dostoyevsky.

  2. Jerome Brun Post author

    Jerome Brun
    Sales & Marketing Director Imperial Tobacco Sales & Marketing LLC

    In the past 18 months, I have had the opportunity to learn Russian with Ms Olesia Kharina and despite the inherent difficulty of the language for a foreigner, it has been a very effective, very exciting and quite enjoyable experience.

    Olesya (ie Alice) is an experienced teacher with a very solid academic background. She applies a step-by-step, proven teaching method that gradually provides the grammatical background a student will require to actually speak, write and understand Russian. Her knowledge of foreign languages such as English and French enable her to draw useful parallels for the fast and nuanced understanding of some traits of the Russian language.

    On top of her significant professional skills, Olesia also is a very considerate teacher who understands the needs and difficulties of professional students. She is a polite, refined yet highly focused person – including the occasional sharing of humouristic comments by students. As a result, learning with her is made easier, and is quite an enjoyable experience…

    To sum it all, I do highly recommend Olesia as a teacher to anyone who would want to learn Russian as a foreign language.


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